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Investment Management Firm,
Belvedere Asset Management, LLC

Liquidity, Transparency and Reduced Volatility

Belvedere Asset Management, LLC is an investment advisory firm primarily focused on alternative investments. Our depth and breadth of experience across the worlds of traditional and alternative investments allows us to design and manage more conservative, user-friendly investment options, including single and multi-manager separate accounts incorporating long-short market-neutral and other hedge-fund strategies.

Our investment philosophy is that capital preservation and consistent returns are the most significant factors in a successful, long-term investment management plan. Therefore, loss of opportunity is preferable to loss of capital. Our concentration is first on risk management and liquidity, with the purpose of navigating today’s turbulent markets more safely, maintaining capital while working toward meeting the long-term objectives of our clients.

From our offices in California, we serve investors around the globe. From core investment management solutions to diversified manager-of-managers investments to single-strategy long/short hedged accounts, you will find what you need right here at Belvedere.

"A conservative approach to alternative investments."

About Us

Market Volatility has shaken the core of our financial system. Our team focuses on maintaining liquidity and growth through conservative investment practice. Our quantitative modeling approach lends itself to both conservative wealth management and traditionally safer market accumulation practices.

Management Team

Our management team consists of veteran investment strategists with 15-20 years of experience each. Our broad experience across the financial landscape gives us a knowledgeable point to understanding the fundamentals of market behavior. Our team combines industry knowledge and sound tactical accomplishment.

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